BayesWipe Database Cleaner

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BayesWipe cleans your structured database without requiring domain knowledge, a prior clean database, or hiring a dedicated data quality team.

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Sample Data

You are welcome to try out the software with your own datasets. Just use a comma-separated file. You can also get some sample data to operate on.

Completely Automated

BayesWipe does not need any time consuming expert input. Just provide the database, set an expected percentage of error, and you're done!

Advanced Algorithms

BayesWipe is based on Bayes networks and an advanced error model that accurately predicts real-life errors.

Easy Parameterization

There is only one parameter to control: the level of errors you expect in the database.

Offline Cleaning

Supports cleaning data completely offline, in-situ. Creates a copy of the database that is cleaner and highlights changed data.

Online query processing

Acts like a mediator to get answers from data sources not in your control. Learns from a sample of the database, and then finds efficient rewritten queries to quickly retrieve relevant data.

Elegant Solution to a Difficult Problem

BayesWipe follows probabilistic principles, by finding a probability for every tuple, and for every possible correction; thus finding the best tuple.